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MINI GVC is a compressed version of GVC Contest in which students from various countries supervised by their Teacher Facilitators would represent their schools to create a collaborative website on a topic of world interest. The Mini contest is open for approximately 10 weeks at a time within the year. The contest is open for students fromK-12 schools around the world. Groups are assigned by GVC, and may consist of anywhere from 2-4 schools.

Any K-12 teacher-led group that has access to the Internet may apply. The group need not be all members of the same class, but it must be supervised by a teacher or other responsible adult, who will monitor contributions and messages.

Contributions can be text, illustrations, multimedia, recorded/textual discussions, interviews, etc. all original / created by the participants themselves.

Copyright rules have to be strictly followed while utilizing content (text /illustrations/photos/videos) from another website. Attributions and Citations are a must for every post in the website. Original work should be credited to the school, class, or individual. (Follow your school's policy for individual student names.)

GVC Mini Contest is perfect for:

  • Teachers interested in fostering cultural exchange.
  • Teachers and classes with imagination and energy, but with little free time or limited Internet access.
  • Teachers and classes that want to learn how to use some basic Internet tools.
  • Classes who want to practice reading and writing with native speakers.

Students will work on collaborative projects, learn to create Websites, experiment with multimedia, or simply participate in discussions. They can design and carry out International surveys and analyze the results, exchange artwork, poetry, stories or essays, teach each other about your culture, festivals and communities. In the 2017-18 school year, there will be a general theme for ALL groups to follow: "Embracing our Differences". (See expanded information here.)

Original work is highly valued when sites are assessed.

Assessment will be based on Creativity/ Originality, Social Responsibility, Team Spirit, and Copyright compliance.

How does it work? See here - Rubric - MINI GVC Wiki  

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