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Give Something Back International Foundation
Give Something Back International Foundation

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Time Divisions
September 5 - November 25
February 1 - April 15
June 1 - August 15

During the 10 week period students should get to know each other and share their work on the chosen topic, and display that work on a Google site assigned by  the GVC.

Each time period is separate and does not overlap into any other time periods. However, if you are having a great experience with your partner school(s) and want to work with them again during another time period, just request it. Don't request this without asking the other school(s) first!

Tools Used by All
Edmodo for communication.
Google Sites for publishing final work. The GVC will provide you with specific links for your team.

GVC Mini Contest Rewards

Besides students' experience in working outside their normal comfort zones, each student will receive a Certificate of Participation. 

Final work will be given either a Gold Star Award Certificate, a Silver Star Award Certificate, or a Bronze Star Award Certificate.

These awards are in the form of printable certificates in a format that allows you to personalize for individual students. There can be multiple awardees in gold, silver and bronze. You may print and frame if you desire; all certificates are sent by way of email.

There will be multiple winners in each category.  

How does it work? See more here - Rubric - MINI GVC Wiki  

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