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The areas where students interact with each other (forums, mailing lists, chat servers) are all password-protected and closed to the public. Messages posted by students are monitored by teachers and the GVC Project Manager.

Entering forum messages anonymously is also impossible, as the sender's screen name appears automatically for each entry. We monitor the forums, and if we see a user behaving inappropriately, such as sending insults, it's easy for us to notify his or her teacher. Teachers may take away that student's access privileges if they wish.

If partner schools want to exchange photos but want to be sure that only their partners can see them, there is a password-protected area in their area where they may do so.

The Global Virtual Classroom's servers are monitored and accessible only to students, teachers and organizers, and students must register before they are granted access. Applications for access are automatically sent to each student's teacher by e-mail, and the teacher must approve it before we will grant access. It's not possible for a student to get around the registration system, or to register pretending they're someone else.

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