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Francis Au
     Hong Kong, SAR
Lena Chung
     Hong Kong, SAR
Teresa Ezzell
     Arlington, VA
Stephanie Gould-Olson
     Sarasota, FL
Nanci Hamilton-Hoffman
      Tallahassee, FL
Curtis Ho
     Honolulu, HI
Goos Lier
Gary Lister
      Cochran, GA
Manish Nandy
      Fairfax, VA
Frank Patrick
     Hillsborough, NJ
Sharon Peters
     Montreal, Canada
Bettie Reuter
     Bradenton, FL
James Timko
     Irvine, CA
Greg Wilmot
     Melbourne, Australia
Kathy Zondlo
     Knoxville, TN
Tom Zondlo
     Knoxville, TN

janet barnstableJanet Barnstable has participated in the GVC programs since its inception in 1996. Now retired, she devotes her time and energies to helping other teachers experience the joys and survive the anguish of International collaborations.

Janet has been involved in International collaborations since the early 90's having begun with an 800 number supplied by the Archdiocease of Chicago and a 300 baud modem! How times have changed!

She and her husband currently live in Addison, which is about 20 miles due west of the City of Chicago. They find joy in their yard and garden and their lovely cat Catherine.

Lakshmi SrinivasLakshmi Srinivas B.Sc B.Ed M.A (History) is a retired of Mathematics teacher with 32 years of teaching experience. She has been the teacher coordinator GVC contests 2009 to 2016 and has gained first hand experience in collaborating with educators and learners across the world. Her Interest in Computer Skills began with Intel Teach to the Future Program supported by Microsoft wherein she was certified as Master Trainer of MS office 2000 after completion of Advanced Course and training teachers in Beginners course. She received honorarium from Educomp (India)/ Intel Innovation in Education for contributing to Intel Teach to the future (India) website as a panel member. Her other interests include Theatre, Reading, Music, History and Internet research. She aims to utilize her skills, knowledge and experience as an educator to help educators and learners which will also be an enriching experience for her in the context of computer skills and applications.

JoAnn P-EJoAnn Patrick-Ezzell is Chairman of the Give Something Back International Foundation, the sponsor of the Global Virtual Classroom Program.
Carol K Carol C. Knauff is a retired Vice President from AT&T where she spent 29 years leading organizations to market place and financial success.
katyKaty Hutchinson is a life-long technology lover and a former Global Virtual Classroom student winner (Castles, Parcels, and Metatarsals-1999).
Adrienne CourtAdrienne Court teaches sixth, seventh, and eighth grade Design and Modeling & Automation and Robotics ...more anneAnne Lambert - Retired teacher-librarian and experienced GVC judge Anne Lambert has guided students, ages five to twenty, in interactive projects


Previous Volunteers
Marsha goren Marsha Goren retired from Ein Ganim Elementary School after 31 years of teaching in Israel. She continued collaboration with the many educators who have become colleagues and friends at the award winning International collaborative site GlobalDreamers.

Rhonda Zelezny-Green  is a self-proclaimed citizen of the world and has published articles on culture, lifestyles, and current events in the Association for African-American Linguists publication as well as MADA English Journal in Madagascar.

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